Middle Earth Cushions

To make your house like something out of middle earth you don’t need to bury your house into the side of a hill or replace your your front door to make it round. Here are a few wonderful cushions you can use to deck out your sofa. Check out the designs at Rooby Lane

The Hobbit (special edition, pre-release)

A special hardcover edition of Tolkien’s The Hobbit is being advertised on Amazon UK for release in September. This will be one for the collectors being a replica first edition and some other special goodies.

Maddie’s Hobbit Hole is moving:


Maddie’s Hobbit Hole – a miniature Bag End is currently on display at the Queensland Museum where it has been for most of 2013. This table-top Hobbit Hole will soon be available for a new venue as the Museum will be creating a new display in the near future.


The Hobbit Hole – A Miniature Bag End.

Currently on display at the Queensland Museum is one of the rarest collectibles in the world. It is a table-top model of a Hobbit Hole – A Miniature Bag End. It is part of the museum’s current exhibition called Collectomania which will continue throughout this year.

The Hobbit Hole – A Miniature Bag End

Coming to Australia – Background:

It is documented in other places that I have been a fan of Professor Tolkien since the mid seventies and have been collecting books and memorabilia ever since. After I retired from teaching it became my desire to share my collection with others through displays at libraries and other venues. I have searched to find collectibles that are different, so that I could build a collection that would have an appeal to a wide audience.

The Hobbit Hole goes to Supavova.

Gold Coast Supanova, Fri-Sun, April 20-22.

The Hobbit Hole – A miniature Bag End is on display at Supanova, in the Gold Coast Convention Centre, this week end coming up, April 20-22. Don’t miss this opportunity to view this very exciting and beautiful piece of miniature tabletop scenery which will enthral model-makers, doll’s house lovers and fans of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.