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My uncle, Fortinbras Proudfoot:

I recall that when I was young, I would sit with other children and listen to my uncle’s stories, and at night I would lie in my warm bed and imagine myself adventuring to strange places with him. When sleep finally came to me I would dream of his adventures as though I was my uncle himself.

My uncle, Fortinbras Proudfoot, is a scholarly person. In his humble home he has many bookcases filled with books from all over. There are books in Elvish, and Dwarvish, books from far away lands and some from closer to home. There are books of poetry, and others of history, some on geography and some on cooking. There are many on the old tales of family heroes, and all their friends and their adventures! For they are his favourite tales of all.

In his youth he was a teacher, and many of the people in his village and the nearby towns knew Mr Proudfoot from their days at school. As such, wherever he went there was always someone keen to catch up, to share a meal and a chat with their wonderful friend Fortinbras.

He has, unlike many people of his village, travelled quite far from his home. He has been on journeys in his own land and has even travelled across the encircling seas to visit many places of legend and history.

My uncle is now quite old but he still entertains us with many tales from his adventures of long ago to strange exotic lands. He has kept a journal of his adventures and within there are many stories in poetic verse form.

This book contains a collection of many of his writings. They include tales of heroic people, wizards, dragons, elves, and dwarves. There are also some tales of the smallest of people, who lived in a peaceful far away land of pastures, small villages, and green rolling hills.

I hope you enjoy reading these tales as much as I have enjoyed revisiting them once more to collate them for publication.

This collection of my uncle’s work I have called “Dreams of Another Land”.

11. Uncle Proudfoot - Copy


Four Reviews – Dreams of Another Land

I decided to write what struck me as I read in a style that would entice someone like me to buy the book J – Sarah Courtis (W.A. Australia)

Dreams of Another Land is a beautiful merging of the artistry of images and words, one flowing into the other. It is as though there was a fifth Hobbit adventuring through Middle Earth and beyond, recalling his impressions of a world far more beautiful and dangerous than our own.

With the simple language of “Uncle Proudfoot” in verse form, drawing you in, the poems take you to “Another Land” while also allowing a glimpse of the majesty of Tolkien’s works through the eyes of a well-travelled Hobbit sharing his wisdom with the younger generations. With so many styles to choose from there is something for everyone as you take turns reading this wonderful book by the fireplace, with a mug of ale in your hand and perhaps a pinch of Old Toby.

Odi del Castillo (Argentina)

Peter!!! I ‘ve just finished reading your book. OMG!!!! I loved it so much. I really need to read it again. Although I loved it …it was a slow read. I really need to read it slowly!!! Especially for the fact it’s not my mother tongue… Oh Peter!!!!

Reading your book has been a lovely adventure. In a way it is a dream you’re sharing with all the dreamers and Friends you have everywhere.
I’m absolutely glad to see your book published. The illustrations by Sue Bradley are exquisite!! What a beautiful book for lovers of fantasy lands and stories.

From Sherry Larson- Rhodes. (United States)

Peter Kenny is known worldwide as a passionate fan of JRR Tolkien and the world of fantasy. Using this love and his wide-ranging imagination, Mr. Kenny has produced (in the guise of “selecting” poems and stories by his “uncle,” Fortinbras Proudfoot, Esq.) Dreams of Another Land, a collection that explores the history and happenings of a faraway land that still feels very familiar to us. Small folk, dragons, warriors, ladies, and wizards and their adventures are described in rhythmic language that is enjoyable to read, either aloud or silently.

Standout poems include “Mushrooms,” for its galloping pace and humour, and “The Last Ship Into the West,” for its simultaneous elegiac farewell to one departing world, and hopeful acceptance of a new age dawning.

Maggie J Bailey PhD. (England)

Peter Kenny widely acknowledged as one of the most enthusiastic and committed devotees of all things Tolkien, is also a self-confessed ‘hobbit’ himself, aka Fortinbras Proudfoot! He is the driving force and crusader behind many a Tolkien-related educational and fun events, and ‘happenings’, largely in his native Australia. This book is the culmination and gathering together of many of his charming and evocative fantasy poems about the people and landscapes of Middle-earth.

Long awaited by many, the poems themselves are delightful and atmospheric, and would be particularly enjoyed by children (of all ages!). They reflect Peter’s deep love of all things Middle-earth. The book is richly and beautifully illustrated by Sue Bradley, and her often ethereal artwork truly enhances these passages.

Here we may wander in delight with the dwarves, hobbits, elves, wizards, and other folk of Middle-earth, and forget for a little while all the trials and tribulations of this modern world. Go and lose yourself in this bit of Paradise!

See More information about Publication details at Middle-earth News… http://middleearthnews.com/2015/05/13/dreams-of-another-land-by-peter-kenny-now-available-from-oloris-publishing/


Dreams of Another Land

“Dreams of Another Land” is a lovely book of poems written by Peter Kenny and illustrated beautifully be Sue Bradley.

This is Peter Kenny’s first published book inspired by his passion and interest in all things Middle-earth and J.R.R. Tolkien. These poems grew out of his “Hobbit” work units he used in the classroom when he was a teacher. Through these units he encouraged pupils to write stories and poems about imagined lands. Poems and short stories he wrote as examples for students grew into a hobby which he pursued after he retired from the classroom.

Many of the poems in this publication were inspired by people Peter met during his travels overseas, friends at home, places he has visited and events he has attended.

Peter says lovers of Tolkien’s Middle-earth will recognise many of the characters and stories referred to in this publication, but with some differences.

Whether you are a Middle-earth fan or not, this book is a thoroughly enjoyable read and  will take you to a fantastic land of imagination and wonder.

You can purchase your copy of the book at Oloris Publishing.


Following are more reviews written by others who have read Peter’s book.

Stephanie Cotterell

Dreams of Another Land


PROUDFOOT POEMS  Proudfoot writes poems inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories of Middle-earth. The poems are often written about characters from the stories and are readily recognisable to those who are familiar with the stories. Others are inspired by people met and places visited. Please read these and feel free to pass on your comments.



Proudfoot writes poems inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories of Middle-earth.

The poems are often written about characters from the stories and are readily recognisable to those who are familiar with the stories. Others are inspired by people met and places visited. Below are three of Proudfoot’s stories in verse form.

Poems from Proudfoot 1

Proudfoot has written two new poems based on Middle-earth. The poems exhibit qualities found in J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings. In them you find the qualities of love, hope, dedication to duty and the spirit to dream of a better future.