TOLKIEN READING DAY – 2016: Life, Death and Immortality 2.

THE FATES OF ELVES AND MEN: Following are brief notes for Tolkien fans.

In the First Age there was a debate between Andreth, a wise woman from the House of Beor, and Finrod Felagund an Elven King. They debated the fates of Elves and Men, of their (hröar and fëar) Body and Soul.

Andreth said the “death was imposed on us” and we live in fear of it, for no matter how strong we are in body and mind it will eventually overtake us.

Fingon pointed out their belief was, that although Elves are immortal, they will only exist to the end of Time. Beyond Time they do not know of their fate.

Although Elves are Immortal their Body can die by accident (e.g. in war) and their Soul goes to The Halls of Mandos, where they live out the rest of Time.

The Gift of Men is death. Among the Elves it is believed that when men die their Soul lives on beyond Time itself and they are not bound to the burdens of Arda and its sorrows, as all other beings are. Thus The Gift of Men was envied, for their fate was to exist beyond Time whereas the Elves knew not of their destinies beyond Time’s ending.

Men with the greatest understanding of their fates treated death as the Gift it was originally intended to be, and when their time came, gladly gave themselves up to it,accepting the Gift at the natural end of their lives and dying peacefully at their own bidding. One such man was Aragorn in the Fourth Age.

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