TOLKIEN READING DAY – 2016: Life, Death and Immortality. 4

Tuor and Idril  – The second union of elves and men.

The following notes are for Fans of Middle-earth.

Tuor was the son of Huor, the brother of Hurin whose son was Turin. Tuor and his cousin Turin would never meet. Tuor’s father and mother, Rian, both perished during the time of the Battle of Unnumbered Tears in which Morgoth’s forces decimated the forces of elves and men. Tuor was fostered by Elves and spent most of his youth as an outlaw and fugitive.

Tuor was chosen by the Vala Ulmo, Lord of Waters to go to the Elf King Turgon in the hidden City of Gondolin and warn him of the inevitable doom to come. Turgon believed his city was secret and well hidden from Morgoth and would never fall.

Tuor became favoured by the king and his people and during his time in Gondolin, Idril, the king’s daughter fell in love with him, and with the Turgon’s blessings they were married. Soon after, they had a son, whose name was Earendil.

Finally Morgoth’s forces came in great numbers and sacked the city and most elves, including Turgon perished.

Tuor and Idril led the survivors by secret ways to The Havens at the mouth of the Sirion River. There Tuor and Idril abided until Earendil reached manhood.

Finally Tuor felt the yearning for the sea and built a great ship. With Idril, they sailed from Middle-earth into the sunset and the West. It is said, that Tuor alone of mortal men was accepted as one of the Elder and lived an immortal life in Valinor.

* For more information go to Tolkien Gateway… …                  *  Reading: The Silmarillion  – “Of Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin”.                                                        * Unfinished Tales –  “Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin”.

Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship will be celebrating Tolkien Reading Day at the following Libraries:

  • March 19, Saturday – Logan North Library, commences at 11:00 am (Southside)
  • March 20, Sunday – Chermside Library, commences at 1:00 pm. (Northside)





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