TOLKIEN READING DAY – 2016: Life, Death and Immortality. 5

Earendil and Elwing  – The third union of elves and men.

Following is a brief outline for fans of Middle-earth

Tuor and Idril became the leaders of the exiles at the Havens of Sirion where they welcomed the refugees of Doriath led by Elwing, the granddaughter of Beren and Luthien. Elwing had with her the Silmaril which Beren and Luthien had taken from Morgoth.

In the same year that Tuor and Idril departed, Eärendil married Elwing, the third union of Elves and Men. To them were born two twin sons, Elrond and Elros.

When no news came of Tuor and idril, Earendil prepared a ship, Vingilot, and set out to seek them.

News of the existence of the Silmaril came to the sons of Fëanor that were still living, and they attacked the people living in Arvernien, and slew most of them. Their sons Elrond and Elros became captives of the sons of Feanor.

But Elwing, rather than be captured, threw herself with the Silmaril into the sea. The Silmaril was not lost, however:

For Ulmo bore up Elwing out of the waves, and he gave her the likeness of a great white bird, and upon her breast there shone as a star the Silmaril, as she flew over the water to seek Eärendil her beloved.”

The Silmarillion, “Of the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath”

Elwing flew to her beloved Earendil and brought the news of the tragedy that had befallen in Arvernien. Eärendil then sought after Valinor, and he and Elwing found their way there at last.

Eärendil then went before the Valar, and asked them for aid for Men and Elves in Middle-earth, to fight against Morgoth; and the Valar accepted his plea. The following War of Wrath saw the final overthrow of Morgoth.

Because Eärendil had undertaken this errand on behalf of Men and Elves, and not for his own sake, Manwë forbore to deal out the punishment of death that was due; and because both Eärendil and Elwing were descended from a union of Elves and Men, Manwë granted to them and their sons the gift to choose to which race they would be joined (a gift that was further passed to the children of Elrond, who became known as the Half-elven). Elwing chose to be one of the Elves. Eärendil for the sake of his wife also chose to be one of the Elves.

*For more information go to Tolkien Gateway…

* Read: The Silmarillion, “Of the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath”

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